The Girls in Stride running program is designed for all levels of runners ages 6-14 years. The girls are introduced to concepts of goal setting and planning, proper running preparation, mechanics of running, journaling of training, nutrition and mental preparation. Upon completion of the training, the girls will be prepared to run an official 5K race.

Training sessions include a warm-up/cool-down activity, stretching routines, laps around the park, and running games/workouts that utilize a team goal. Our running training program also includes games and drills that emphasize power, stability training, endurance and agility. This type of training will complement the instruction your daughter is receiving within other sports. This type of training will also make the girls more productive on the playing field as well as establish a diverse base of strength that will help prevent the injuries so common with young female athletes.

The girl's distance and/or running times are tracked during each session so that progress towards their goals may be reviewed. Each weekly session will include an educational component as well as nutrition tips, challenges, and an optional home exercise assignment.