Our Mission

To empower girls and provide a springboard to a life of fitness and healthy competition built around the sport of running.  

Our goal is to offer an all levels program to improve your daughter's ability to run properly and with a purpose. We will use running games, challenges and fun activities that keep your daughter engaged while "sneaking" in training methods that will improve her strength, power and endurance. Your daughter's connection to this process is essential in increasing the likelihood of her having a positive experience and staying with running, now and for years to come. We are committed to improving the likelihood that your daughter will become "connected". Fun, of course, is a big part of the equation.

Once thought of as a “necessary evil” and often used as punishment by coaches back when we were kids, we see running as a powerful mechanism building self-confidence, pride, and a lifetime of healthy habits.  

What PARENTS say

  • "Your program has really given her a lot of confidence and as a life long coach of young girls I feel this is the most important job of a coach and the greatest benefit of sports!" - Ashley
  • "We know that our daughter, Desirae, very much enjoys running (which is so good for her in so many ways!) and was so enthusiastic about her Girls in Stride sessions every time she came home after the Wednesday runs."  - Karin
  • "Noa had such a great run today and she loved every minute of it! Thanks for offering Girls in Stride. She got a lot out of it."- Sharon
  • "Katherine is loving Girls in Stride and cannot wait for the race.  Katherine was so proud of herself when she and her fellow Girls in Stride team member came in 1st and 2nd when they ran the mile at school last week.  Thanks again for all of your hard work."  - Tracey
  • "We are so proud of Mai Lin! Thanks so much for another wonderful experience. She LOVES to run thanks to you both! -Cathleeen
...nobody’s left out, it’s just a cool, fun thing to do.
— Sandrine, mother of 9-year-old Julia